Welcome to Finca Sagrada
in the Chirusco Valley of Ecuador


Life gets easier

When we bought our farm in 2008 we had to park our car on the neighbors property and walk the ...
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Surprise mushroom in our garden

Recently this mushroom turned up in our flower garden. I wish I had seen it produce the net around itself ...
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Remodeling our Earth Bag House

We finally finished remodeling and landscaping our earth bag house. We gave it a big greenhouse type roof so that ...
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Biodynamic Student Program and Finding Your Destiny Path

A Four Week Biodynamic Farming Program January 3rd to the 29th 2017 Biodynamic Student program – Visit Ecuador to Learn ...
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Sharing our new community.

Recently we have been blessed with four new people joining us on the land. As we all have ponchos we ...
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Planting before the Full Moon

We always try to plant as much as possible in the days leading up to the full moon. This is ...
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I was wrong about our new cow

Our second cow had her calf today. It's a heifer and we will start milking her mother on Monday. For ...
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Milking our cow

Nearly every morning, I get to milk our cow. After six months, she is still giving us about three quarters ...
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Creating a seed mandala

Creating a Seed Chakana or Mandala. When the Peace and Dignity runners were in Vilcabamba, we had arranged to create ...
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JPD arrives in Vilcabamba

Welcome to Vilcabamba The last of the runners to be dropped of before Vilcabamba was Cristian Ojeda, our partner on ...
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