Welcome to Finca Sagrada
in the Chirusco Valley of Ecuador


JPD arrives in Vilcabamba

Welcome to Vilcabamba The last of the runners to be dropped of before Vilcabamba was Cristian Ojeda, our partner on ...
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Picking up the Indigenous Runners

Peace and Dignity Journey. Last Wednesday, I drove to Catamayo with Cristian, our farm partner, and Jose Pablo from Vilcabamba ...
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The Peace and Dignity Journey in Vilcabamba

Much to my surprise I was asked to help coordinate the runners for Peace and Dignity Journey as they travel ...
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Nature lover wanted

Nature Lover Wanted. This little “earth bag” house that Leisha built with her cohorts in the Magical Forest is now ...
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Eating off the land

Most days I can now eat at least one meal 100% from our biodynamic farm. Most of the food in ...
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The Good and Bad of “Progress.”

Although we are a bit isolated, we do have good internet. Especially for Susan, who still works world-wide developing her ...
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A snake eats our puppy for breakfast

Finca Sagrada is pretty spread out and it is hard to keep everything secure. After our last robbery we decided ...
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Mountain fire

At noon today the fire came over the top of the mountain on the other side of the river. By ...
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Homesteading in the mountains of Ecuador

I often joke that living simply is complicated.,,you have to learn so much and be experimental. I thought I would ...
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Nourishment for the Elves

In response to my last blog, a friend suggested that we treat the elf to some beer. I am not ...
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