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How Did the “House of Original Thought” Come to our Farm?
June 5, 2019
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Working with nature spirits
October 4, 2019
Spirit House

On September 21st we created a beautiful Equinox ceremony on our farm. Jose Calva and his wife Carmen, who are partners on our farm, designed and led the ceremony. Jose is from the indigenous Palta people and is deeply involved with keeping and restoring their indigenous roots. He last served as Palta president and he often performs ceremony with his people.

The Palta and probably most indigenous groups feel that they are the custodians of the land. Their DNA goes way back in connection to a particular region and the nature beings of that area. In fact when the Kogi mammos from Northern Colombia first came to our farm to help restore this ancient sacred site, they insisted that we had to work with the original indigenous people, the Palta.

On sacred occasions such as the Equinox and Solstice, Jose and Carmen lead us in a simple ceremony to thank Pachamama for her blessings. 

To start the ceremony, we gathered outside our House of Original Thought, a gift from the Kogi tribe of Columbia. Carmen smudged us as we entered. We then made a circle around the fire and chakana, held hands and Jose led us with simple words of gratitude. We then each had the opportunity to say some words as we offered twigs of lavender to the Pachamama. Then Clem and Ricaurte, our two permanent volunteers, played music while we stood in silence for a few minutes.

We then gathered all the flowers and offered them to a small fire we had outside while we listened to the music.

A big part of our work at Finca Sagrada is learning to work with all the spirit beings that make life possible. Mainly we show gratitude by creating ceremony.

  • When we built the House of Original Thought the Kogi suggested that we never let the fire go out. We have fulfilled this except for two times over the last fifteen months when some inexperienced volunteers did not understand fire tending.
  • Every morning during the week we perform the Agni Hotra ceremony at sunrise.
  • We celebrate the equinoxes and solstices.
  • We practice biodynamic farming which incorporates the importance of the elemental beings.
  • I have started to work directly with the plant devas and elemental beings when there is a problem on the farm. I use the method that Machaelle Small Wright developed (Pralandia farm in the States) to call in the higher beings such as Pan and the Devas of the plants.

During the next few weeks, I will describe in more detail how we try to work in harmony with the elemental beings of the landscape.

Walter Moora


  1. Makki Linda Turner Villaseñor says:

    Dear Walter and Susan and Beloved Friends of the Finca Sagrada Community,

    It was so wonderful to read this update that was posted on FB!

    I had sent a couple of messages on FB Messenger, but I had not heard back for some time now.

    I hope it is not because you are thinking I don’t have sufficient interest, or I would have come by now!

    I really do believe that Finca Sagrada is my true spiritual community.

    I have not yet had the resources to relocate to Ecuador, but God willing, someday soon, I still hope to be a part of your community.

    I first had heard of the Kogi in the early nineties. I had watched a BBC documentary film that was finally posted in it’s entirety on U-tube, only about 4-5 years ago!

    I wonder if you have yet seen it. It is called “From the Heart of the World, a Message to the Younger Brother”
    (I may have told you about it when we met in person, in East Troy, a few years ago now.)

    In 1992, when I first saw it, I managed to record a PBS replay of the program on VHS. For decades, it was the only way for me to share the message and warning of the Kogi Mamos, with regard to Climate Destruction, with others! Over a decade after it was first produced, I became aware of the Tairona Foundation and tried to order an official VHS copy from England….when it arrived, however, I learned England had a different system for video film that played the videos on totally different machines!!

    The world was still not recognizing or calling the destruction of the Earth’s climate “Climate Change”, as yet

    I would really love to share more of this story with you and talk again with you Walter. I want to tell you of my journey to Colombia, in which I was finally able to find one of the Mamos of the original documentary.

    Please let me know, once again, when you may have a little time, on a trip back to Wisconsin, for us to meet.

    Here is a link to the original Kogi message of 1991 or 1992!

    The Kogi documentary and message to no less than all of humanity came out almost simultaneously with Bill Mckibben’s first warning from the scientific community, in his first book, The End of Nature.

    Here is a link to the original Kogi documentary film that was made in a collaboration between the Kogi Mamis and the BBC documentary filmmaker Alan Ereira.

    There is now a sequel that was released just a few years ago and one can find it by doing a search of UTube for “ Aluna, the movie “.

    Below is a link to the first documentary.


    Warmest Regards,

    🌳Makki Linda

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