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October 4, 2019

Long-term volunteer opportunity at Finca Sagrada

Rainbow - Finca Sagrada

Opportunities at Sacred Land Farm in Ecuador

Sacred Land Farm (“Finca Sagrada”) is situated close to Vilcabamba, a fabled village in the mountains of southern Ecuador. We have near perfect spring-like weather all year long, a terrifically supportive expat community and life is very affordable.

For the last ten years, we have been developing a five hectare Biodynamic farm while successfully creating a small collaborative community. In particular, we have been working with several indigenous groups including the Kogi from Northern Columbia and our local Palta Tribe. Both have told us that our valley is an important ancient sacred site and the Kogi invited us to build a Spirit House like theirs to help rebuild Earth’s sacred grid system. We did this and have experienced amazing blessings as a result, including attracting global consciousness leaders here.

Spirit House - Finca Sagrada

Our vision is to expand our community, becoming a learning center to help people reconnect to Earth and to inspire and strengthen their own life destiny paths.

We seek two or three couples or individuals who share this life mission to join us at Finca Sagrada. Our vision is for us (Walter and Susan Davis Moora) to step back and let a  younger energy develop and run Finca Sagrada.

The skills needed for this shared future are:

  • Biodynamic expertise.
  • Practical farming and gardening skills
  • Teaching skills.
  • Social media skills and ability to organize workshops and student programs.
  • Living and working successfully in community.
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Spanish language proficiency or a commitment to learn them.

Our intention is that Finca Sagrada will further develop into a vibrant self-governing self-sustaining spiritual community. We have already organized the farm into a non-profit in Ecuador, so donations from the States can be received tax free. We are close to exemplifying a community that can steward a piece of land and be sustained by her. For example, with our average of ten people on the farm each month, our operating cost is $300 per person to enjoy some of the cleanest air, water and soil in the world. Our Chirusco Valley has no road running through it past our farm, so you can imagine the health benefits.

Up until now, we have financially supported the farm and will continue that for now but eventually the farm should be self sustaining. We now want to pass the reins to younger farmers who can develop new programs. We are already starting to offer workshops to leading global innovators who are members of innovation networks that Susan helps develop. She has done 40 over 40 years (see and her free book tells her whole story. Download it at The Trojan Horse of Love

She is now one of the five “Design Team” members of Future Capital, a new network of the United Nations. Its mission is that “we are developing globally conscious economies that are good for all Earth.” See

If this is of interest we suggest that you experience our farm as a volunteer for a period of time and see if this lifestyle is suitable for you. Read more about our volunteer program.

Do contact us to explore our possibilities.

Contact person: Walter Moora

Email address: [email protected]

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