New beginnings at Finca Sagrada

Biodynamic and life path learning experience
May 1, 2017
Lettuce © Mllepix
Sustaining ourselves on Finca Sagrada
May 10, 2019

New beginnings at Finca Sagrada

Finca Sagrada © Mllepix

Dear Finca Sagrada Friends,

It’s been a while since I posted anything about myself or our farm. Happily, ever since we constructed the Spirit House (called “House of Original Thought” by the Kogi priests, who asked us to build it last June), things have been going well. 

Our acres of gardens are flourishing and we have been having extraordinary volunteers.  At any one time, we usually have six or eight who share our house during the day.  They delight that our life revolves around our nutritious biodynamic food and cook meals of delight…we are now virtually food self-sufficient.  In the mornings they spend three and a half hours gardening and farming, they take turns preparing the meals and then we break bread together.

I am getting to the stage (69 years) where all the physical work is not that exciting.  i hope to be able to spend more time studying and teaching, in addition to doing land and people healings.

The volunteers really appreciate learning about how Pachamama can both sustain us and not be exploited at the same time. In the afternoons and weekends, there is plenty of time to relax and catch up on emails, reading, swimming in the stream and other activities like Yoga.

Recently we invited one of our volunteers to join us for a year and dear Clemence accepted. We pay her a small stipend to help organize our volunteers and also do all our social media work. She is a wonderful and skilled person who delights in the farm. I will still try to write something once a week but Clem will make sure it gets posted in all the right places. Clem will also make additional posts, help Finca Sagrada become active on Instagram and up date our website.

Here is a short description of Clem:

“Hello and I’m Clemence, a French traveler and photographer. I spent 4 years working as an event manager for a communication agency in Paris.  Recently I have appreciated the superb experience I received traveling, learning about the global economy, different countries, leadership and world problems. However, I became more and more focused on my own life purpose within this world.

I had always had the dream to travel all around the world and I knew I wanted to be close to the land and even learn farming.  Soon I discovered and joined the Workaway Program, allowing me to sample different countries and farming practices.

After almost 1 year and a half of this, traveling from South Africa to South America (Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador), I happened on Sacred Land Farm, which appealed to me hugely. The variety of the missions, the strong connection with nature, the mix of biodynamics, permaculture and indigenous methods and the spiritual dimension with the House of Original Thoughts are many aspects that make it so nourishing.

I am honored to be responsible for our communications with all of you!”

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