Our Community-Supported Sacred Site

This is a new offering bringing you into closer relationship with us and others wishing to support the remarkable sacred sites on Finca Sagrada.   If your cells light up at the mention of sacred sites, please read on.

A sacred site can have many connotations. On a personal level, it might be a place that gives healing or just makes you feel good.  That might be your back yard…or a special spot in a national park.  Then there are famous spiritual centers like Lourdes, Guadalupe, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu or the Ganges River.

In ancient times, people were more aware of the energies of Earth. For instance, in ancient Greece, the mystery cults built temples where Earth’s energy was   strong.  Many of the European cathedrals are built on ancient sacred sites.

In the Americas, the indigenous peoples were drawn to places where the Earth energies had special powers.  Sedona in Arizona or Machu Picchu in Peru come to mind.

Just as the human body has chakras and acupuncture points, so does the Earth have them. There is a living meridian of communication points that allows Earth to breath and function within the universe.  Earth as a living being is constantly in communion with the other celestial bodies, the moon, planets and stars. She needs these special places or power points to function in a harmonious way with the cosmos.

As one might imagine,  this journey has been a revelation for Susan and Walter. It is also a challenge and financial burden. Both are retired, thus they have to find ways to carry this task forward.

At one time, when Walter was a farmer, he was part of a CSA or community-supported farm. The concept of a CSA is that a group of consumers organizes around a particular farm and promises to support a farmer in growing good healthy vegetables for them in a way that honors and stewards the land.

We would like to extend that concept to a sacred site. We are now seeking a group of people to support and strengthen our sacred site. More and more people are experiencing Earth as a living being that we need to care for on many levels.  In the past, this knowledge was more instinctive. Now we can reawaken this knowledge and love for Earth in a conscious way that is appropriate for our modern time.

Indigenous spiritual leaders can show us the way to this path. In fact, the Kogi stipulated that we connect with the Palta, the original indigenous people of our area as they have the DNA to connect to this land.  Our own partner is Palta and we are now making friendships with additional Palta leaders.  The Kogi have also suggested that we build a Spirit House for the spiritual beings, based on specific indications they are giving us.  This will connect our valley to the Kogi homelands and other spiritual centers.

For Finca Sagrada to grow and prosper, we need about $2,000 per month.  This includes maintaining the ten acres of farmland in a beautiful way and paying for new projects such as protecting the sacred sites with stone walls and building the Spirit House.

Over time, our vision is to combine indigenous knowledge imbued with love and respect of Earth with the intellectual thinking of western consciousness. This will help fulfill the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor flying as one, as intellectual thinking becomes heartfelt.

Our hope is to create a world-wide community of conscious supporters who make a monthly or yearly payment so that we can continue our work here in a good way.

Projects that are ongoing or new that need funding:

•Building a Spirit House as designed by the Kogi.

•Building traditional stone walls around our sacred sites.

•Continue improving our four-kilometer access road.

•Stewarding our orchards, pastures and gardens biodynamically.

•A demonstration reforestation project on our five hundred hectare (1,100 acres) mountain.  This project is being designed now by an Ecuadorian environmental leader as his PhD thesis.

Benefits of Joining Our Community-Supported Sacred Site  (CSSS)

In addition to your invaluable support, we offer you three financial levels of participation for the continued maintenance and development of Finca Sagrada .

Good Support  – $10 per month or $120 per year

  • Newsletter with great stories and Walter’s blogs
  • A gift of Susan’s e-book describing her finding her own destiny path – The Trojan Horse of Love
  • Crucial help in nurturing an important sacred site

Delicious Support – $25 per month or $300 per year

  • Newsletter with great stories and Walter’s blogs
  • Monthly private phone call with Susan to help you progress on your destiny path
  • A gift of Susan’s e-book describing her finding her own destiny path – The Trojan Horse of Love
  • Crucial help in nurturing an important sacred site.

Off-The-Chart Support – $50 or more per month or $600 per year

  • Newsletter with great stories and Walter’s blogs
  • Monthly private phone call with Susan to make progress on your destiny path
  • A gift of Susan’s e-book describing her finding her own destiny path – The Trojan Horse of Love
  • Invitation to events on the farm (at cost) such as indigenous visits.
  • Invitation to be guests at Finca Sagrada (at cost )
  • Invitation to a yearly KINS gathering in Vilcabamba and the farm (at cost) This will be a great chance to meet other KINS members and reconnect to our beloved mother earth.
  • Crucial help in nurturing an important sacred site


Welcome to your membership in our Community-Supported Sacred Site (CSSS)!! 

We ask for monthly donations of $10, $25 or $50 per month by check or PayPal.

1) Check – Please make your check out to: CSSS – Walter Moora and let us know when you send it.

Mail your checks monthly or for one year to: CSSS – Walter Moora, c/o Georgia Stewart, 609 N Lincoln St, Elkhorn, WI 53121.

2) Pay with PayPal. Just select your contribution from the  line below and three choices will come up. Click on your choice.  When you have chosen your level of contribution, click the Subscribe button. When payment is completed successfully, you will be returned to this page.

After you have joined, please introduce yourself to us so we can be most helpful!!

It is important to Susan and Walter that we get to know members of the CSSS well. As it will be a world-wide group, we ask that you consider sharing the information below with us.

1) Name

2) Physical address and email address (Will be kept strictly private!)

3) What part of our invitation resonates most with you?

4) How could our Community-Supported Sacred Site most help you?

5) Are you able to come visit sometime?

6) Does your intuition tell you we can help you on your spiritual path?

7) Optional: We request a short biography of yourself that can be shared with the other members.

Thanks so much,

Together In Love and Gratitude.

Participants at our December indigenous meeting

Sunrise over the valley

One of our farm workshops.


Our community meeting room