Testimonials from Students

From Jeffry

My time at Finca Sagrada can be described as one filled with incredible love, warmth, and deep interpersonal connection. Walter and Susan are two beautiful souls who care deeply for all those who come and do a fantastic job at educating interns on the principles of biodynamic farming, guiding us to discover our life purpose, and holding a sacred space for personal growth. While the lectures and physical work were intrinsically rewarding, the true gift of this place came from the close and vulnerable connections formed by living in community. I found Finca Sagrada to be deeply nurturing and healing as I both explored myself and discovered new ways of relating and loving others. To anyone interested in spiritual farming methods, looking inward for truth, healing, or challenging internal beliefs and preconceptions I would highly recommend participating in the new internship program. I only wish I had a richer vocabulary to describe how magical and beautiful this farm is – fortunately, you will just have to come and experience it for yourself.

From Johanna.

My name is Johanna, I am 26 years old and was born in El Salvador. I spent 4 weeks living in Finca Sagrada, at a time when I had to make difficult decisions in my life. It was one of the most incredible experiences I have had and it definitely helped me find my path. It was not only my first real encounter with nature, but also the place where I found people with whom I felt a true connection, in a deeper level. Every day was meaningful, watching the rain, seeing the plants growing, being around the animals. I would recommend it to anyone.


From Nisa …
As someone with little prior knowledge in farming and gardening, I will admit that I was nervous to have committed myself to working at Finca Sagrada for 6 weeks, but Walter and Cristian guided me easily through the learning process and I felt I was able to get into the swing of life on the farm fairly quickly. Walter’s expertise in sustainable agriculture and biodynamic farming was fascinating; he shared with me an extensive wealth of information about growing food spiritually, stewarding sacred land, and living in community with nature. Getting my hands in the dirt fostered growth and wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually. I found the farm work extremely therapeutic and physically and mentally rejuvenating.

During my time at Finca Sagrada, Susan helped me tremendously in, as she says, how to manifest my destiny path. Working with Susan hardly felt like work; instead, through effortless conversations about my interests and goals, she guided me through the processes necessary to determine my highest path and the strategies I need to achieve that path. Susan provided me with priceless thought experiments and meditation exercises for me to explore my inner self and listen carefully to what the sacred land had to tell me. I found my experience to be extremely enlightening and insightful, and I would highly recommend Susan’s course to anyone who feels called to a higher path, your destiny path.

Working at Finca Sagrada was an opportunity that presented itself to me at the right time in my life, and through Walter and Susan’s combined program, I was able to learn not only about growing food sustainably and spiritually, but much about myself and personal growth, too.”

From Ashley Hai …

“I came to Vilcabamba to do Walter´s biodynamic workshop with the intention to gain a better understanding of biodynamic farming and earth spirituality, and I left with so much more; it was more than I could have ever imagined!  The workshop was a comprehensive blend of experiential learning and group lecture, sprinkled with meditations, yoga classes, and various discussions ranging from homeopathy to mind consciousness.  The land itself is truly magical, and so were the people I met!  The workshop was definitely a turning point in my life, and I am forever grateful to have been a part of such an enlivening and enriching experience.”

From Chimene Hickey …

“I highly recommend Walter Moora’s course on Biodynamics.  The course offers a holistic blend of the fundamentals of Biodynamics, combined with hands-on training on the farm, Earth meditations and an introduction to permaculture.   Additional lessons are provided in manifesting your destiny path and creating your desired reality in life.  Each class is uniquely designed to meet you where you are at, while inviting you into a deeper connection with the Earth and the spiritual nature of stewarding the land.

The setting where the course is held is incredibly beautiful.  Nestled in a valley amidst the majestic Andes, Finca Sagrada has special energy.  The people on the land are wonderful, and the food they produce is healthy and delicious!   I couldn’t be more pleased with the knowledge that I gained in the Biodynamic course and experience I had at Finca sagrada.   It has already made a profound impact on my life.”

From Joseph DiStefeno …

“Life on a lush, Byiodynamic, organic, Ecuadorian farm, is as much about cultivating community and a sense of unity, as it is growing fruits and vegetables.  From sharing a dorm-like tree house, to working the nutrient rich soil, the bond of friendship and connectivity with our planet finds roots that reach deeply.  Walter’s Biodynamic workshop is a lesson in the beautiful role we human beings must play in stewarding the earth, and one another. Throughout the workshop, Walter created the time and space for me to explore the unique and meaningful ways in which I can make lasting contributions.  I strolled through lush, green paths full of ripe passion fruits, while butterflies of all colors danced about. Being surrounded by the richness of life and the gorgeous environment, I found myself grounding and inspired: I both loved being on the farm and for what I learned; I have found so much joy sharing this knowledge with others.

Walter and the other co-teaching, demonstrated what can be accomplished with teamwork.   He guided discussions and brought in incredible expert speakers.  The thoughtfulness and care put into each activity drew the participants and I into close life-long friendships.  The Biodynamic workshop establishes the importance and simplicity of organic sustainable farming, and the joy in the teamwork it takes to create a successful endeavor.  I will forever be grateful for the opportunity of this experience; and for the wonderful students taking the workshop who are now dear friends of mine.”