Volunteers blog posts:

Clemence, from France (posts in English and French):

April 2019: Finca Sagrada, the ideal volunteering experience

November 2019: Finca Sagrada, final clap

Laura & Mathieu, from Germany (post in English):

September 2018: A spiritual journey in the sacred valley

Volunteers comments:

ALISA & PABLO – 19/07/19

“We are so grateful for this wonderful time we have had at this Finca.
It is such a beautiful place to stay. The nature is incredible as well as all the people and the animals.
Instead of 2 weeks we spent 1 month there and it was still hard to leave.
We learnt so much in this time and enjoyed all kind of work.
We felt very welcomed at this place and would recommend it to everyone who wants to spend some time in nature and learn more about gardening and biodynamics.”

LINDE – 23/04/19 

“This is a really a magical place! Everybody was really welcoming and open and I felt that I arrived at a wonderful place instantly. The tasks which had to be done every day (feeding chickens, picking fruits, cooking the meals) are shared differently every day, so you experience a lot of different things and it never gets boring! Christian and José, the two Ecuadorians who work on the farm, are wonderful people and are happy to explain you everything about farming and the plants. José only speaks Spanish so it’s also a great way to practice your Spanish. Unfortunately Walter wasn’t there while I was staying at the farm but we had wonderful conversations with Susan who is a great inspiring and positive person! And of course I have to mention the dogs. Goldy is really a sweatheart and you want to stroke her all the time and Fosforito is just a fantastic crazy dog whose energy seems endless 🙂
Susan, Clem (longtime volunteer), Christian and José, thanks for the great time at your place!”

HONORINE – 07/04/19

“I’m so grateful that I’ve met this wonderful people and this amazing land. It was for one month at the beginning and stayed 3weeks more…This farm, this valley had open more my consciousness with the help of Susan, Walter, José, Carmen, Cristian, Clémence and the other volUnteers (this place attractS such good people :)), I found exactly what I was looking for at this moment of my life, if you are ready to grow, finca sagrada will help you to find the way!
A perfect balance between work with nature and spirituality, it’s linked!
What a perfect climate, I’ll miss this warm wind, this refreshing river, this stunning mountains…
Don’t hesitate to come over you will learn a lot and spend great time! Another detail really important: gorgeous and delicious food ever!!!”

HANNA – 17/03/19

“This Finca is very unique place in the middle of a beautiful and peaceful valley. The best place to volunteer what you can find. Thank you Susan and Walter for this opportunity, I felt really good and safe and I still miss the whole community. The other volunteers were also really open and sincere people and I got many good friends from there. There is something very magical in this Finca. There is a spirit house, a perfect place to meditate, sing mantras or just watch the fire. If you like remote places, spirituality, nature, animals and good-pure-organic food, this is definitely your place. You have an opportunity to learn about permaculture, milk cows, make cheese and yogurt, take care of goats and chickens. You can work with really nice Ecuadorians Jose, Carmen and Christian and practice your Spanish with them. And have to say again, the food is fantastic. If you like cooking this is a place for you. Prepare yourself because you want to stay longer than you have planned. Take at least 3-4 weeks here or more. ;)”


“Our three weeks here showed us the magic of living in a community on a biodynamic farm and we appreciate every part of it.

We started our journey with a full house when Susan and Walter welcomed a wonderful group of more than ten Americans to discover their peaceful place and give thanks to Pachamama. Everyday we had different tasks and volunteers self-organised around what needed to be done. It was always a joy to work with Christian in the Inca garden or with Jose building the new guinea pig house. There was some digging, weeding, fixing the water system, taking care of the animals, watering the plants and so on. Furthermore, we were so pleased to enjoy meals and sing all together around the table.

During our free time we experimented in the kitchen, read, laughed with the dogs, listened to Walter’s lessons on biodynamics, learned about the KINS method with Susan, refreshed ourselves in the river, played Phase 10 and had time to reflect about our lives. Everybody contributes during their stay and makes it an ideal home to affirm ourselves.

Thank you for this time! All the best!”

CHRISTIAN – 08/02/19

“After staying at Walters and Susans Farm for 3,5 weeks I can only recommend you to stay at this wonderful place.

On their farm you will be able to learn a lot about biodynamics and spirituality. Daily differing tasks as well as general chores like animal care, milking the cows, watering gardens and cooking make work seem more like community contributions.

We enjoyed the best home-cooked foods and a mix of lovely and open people.

José and Chris are two Ecuadorians that help out the farm and bring locality and Ecuadorian culture to the table while guiding you and teaching you about traditional farming methods.

I was able to grow tremendously as an individual and want to thank Walter and Susan for their generosity and trust in all the volunteers!



JORGE & STÉPHANIE – 19/02/19

“Jorge and I must extend our deepest gratitude to Susan and Walter for giving us the opportunity to come to Finca. In our 3 weeks there we learned, discovered, shared, and now have valuable friendships, memories, and experiences for the rest of our lives. This is one of those workaway’s that blows the rest out of the water. One is filled with joy and gratitude to have a chance to expand and grow even for a short time here. I find this to be a model for us for when we start our own farm and eventually begin to give back to the community by bringing on a workawayer.

This was a beautiful cultural exchange in a beautiful place with even more beautiful people. I admire both Susan and Walter immensely and find their life projects sorely needed, inspirational, and within the parameters of my idea of what a workaway should be: cultural exchange, reciprocity, consciousness, community, and also a kind of educational experience too for those looking to learn about farming for instance. Thank you once again, a warm embrace to the coolest and kindest couple, guardians, and rare humans whom we care deeply for.”

MAHSÜL – 30/01/19

“That was my second and best volunteer experience 🙂 this farm was more than I expected. It is like a really real farm with all the fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, plants, cows, chickens, geese, donkeys, goats, dog (Goldie was the perfect dog) and cats, mountains, river and stream, fire and fireflies. I ate really really good everyday. I can’t describe the happiness of collecting vegetables and cooking them for lunch or starting day by drinking fresh milk. I loved there.

Thanks to Walter and Susan it was an amazing month. I loved and inspired by them and learned a lot from them. I also liked spending time with Jose, Carmen and Cristian and learned a lot while working with them.

So it is an unforgettable memory for me.

Thank you so much for everything.”

IVANA – 06/01/19

“Walter and Susan, “thank you to be who you are”!

I deeply appreciate the existence of this place in the world of ever growing wisdom, faith, love and food. I deeply appreciate the opportunity that Universe gave me to stumble in it. All the knowledge about biodynamic farming mixed with local tribal ancient Ecuadorian methods that I received from this Sacred Place are priceless.

In general, every single little thing that I received here knows no comparison in terms of generosity and purity of hearts.

I have been here for few weeks now, and after several years spent abroad seeking profound intentions for the future world to come, the feeling of what I found here resembles that beautiful sentiment of expansion for being in a space worth of being called “home”. (Sorry Walter I cannot avoid to turn truly emotional here, hahaha)

I am leaving to keep on walking my path fortified by all a set of new applied farming knowledge, by a stronger sense of my own Self as a being of light toward a unique and marvellous life path. I am definitely spilling Love, Acceptance, Peace and Gratitude from every pore of my skin thanks to all the beautiful souls that I met here and with which I experienced big exchanges both spiritually and materially, growing together to be better versions of ourselves individually and with respect to each other developing a broader view of co-existence as a proactive community/family and putting all together our hands in the soil for food growing miracles to happen and literally feeding ourselves with them everyday.

Thanks to Jose, Carmita, Christian and all the other volunteers for such a beautiful shared experience.

Thanks to Goldie and Ginger, the cows, the donkeys, the goats, the chickens, the ducks, the insects, all the trees, the rocks, the mountains, the river, the ground, the fire, the winds, the sun, the moon, the stars and the fireflies, the birds songs, the little rain (hoping there’s going to be much more)………….

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart to Walter and Susan living for seeding into the next generations big Hopes and beautiful Values.

May the Fire of Life never ending burning for Life to be.


LOANA & ROBIN – 17/12/18

“The time spent here will remain forever in our hearts. Here, we got to be in a sacred place, connect with the nature, meet wonderful people, live in a supportive community and grow as individuals.

Walter and Susan are warm, extremely generous people and are a true inspiration! From Walter, we got to learn a lot about biodynamics (a concept we were not familiar with before) and how to care and respect the land. Also, we got to know an addictive game :), Phase 10, and greatly enjoyed his stories and subtle jokes. Susan directed us on our life-path and helped us find answers to life questions, with grace and an amazing energy!

What we appreciated the most here was the community spirit. Cooking meals together, sharing stories, playing games, planning the tasks – everything was done in a supportive, loving environment, which truly adds up beautifully to the experience.

Working on the land is demanding, but when you eat a fresh salad, picked-up straight from the garden, and all the rest of delicious fruits and vegetables, it all pays off! Jose was a great company and patient teacher, in showing us what needs to be done everyday in the gardens. Cristian taught us a lot about medicinal herbs and again proved to be an inspiration, with his life-story and serene personality. We appreciated greatly the cooperation between the local farmers and the owners, as we believe this is a great model of integration and keeping up old, local practices alive.

Also, we know that the fire in the Sacred House will keep forever burning, at least in our minds and hearts.

Sending a lot of peace and love to the Finca and we manifest our intention for the finca to thrive and change other people’s lives, NOW! :)”


“Hola amigos y amigas,

We spent 6 wonderful weeks as a couple on the Finca! This was our first farm experience and from now on we are addicted to the nature forever. We worked about 3 hours in the morning outside with José and Cristian, two indigenous awesome people who explain you everything you want. The rest of the working hours is split into watering, milking the cows, taking care of the chickens and cooking. We spent a lot of time cooking and enjoying the great organic food!

If you are interested you can start or deepen your spiritual journey here (they have a spirit house) but of course this is just for those who are interested. This is a biodynamic farm so they work with the spiritual world and even if one don’t believe in this, the special love and respect they give to the land is worth it.

All in all a great place to recover and find peace.

Thank you so much Susan, Walter, Christian and José <3”