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September 22, 2016
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Creating a seed mandala

Creating a Seed Chakana or Mandala.

When the Peace and Dignity runners were in Vilcabamba, we had arranged to create a Seed Mandala. This year the runners were holding the idea of the sacredness of seeds as their central theme, so creating the Chakana was perfect.


To create the Chakana, the organizers had made an outline of a chakana and, as the music played, people took turns filling in the chakana with different colored seeds.  At the end, Vilcabamba’s children surrounded the seeds with flowers.

When that was finished, Taita Jaime Pelatuna, the spiritual leader of the indigenous of Ecuador, performed a dispachio (thanks- giving blessing) for the seeds.  As he finished, we all gathered in a circle and we danced around the seeds to music and the sounding of Conch shells.  It was truly powerful.

As many of you might know, Ecuador was the first country to include the rights of nature in her constitution.  Ecuador has also been one of the few countries that banned GMO seeds all along. Now there is a new law in front of the assembly to make GMO seeds legal.

There are more than five hundred groups in Ecuador that are fighting this law.  As part of a peaceful way to raise consciousness about the terrible affects that GMO seeds have on the environment and peoples health, we are asking people in Ecuador to organize and create mandalas of seeds on October 22nd.

We are also asking people all over the world to do the same in solidarity with our efforts in Ecuador. Creating a mandala takes very little effort and it really is a beautiful experience.

This is an artistic activity.  This activity can unite farmers, gardeners, artists and musicians in a beautiful lively creation of thankfulness to nature.

There are many venues where this could happen.  I can especially imagine farmers markets all over the States and Europe creating these Mandalas and educating people about GMO seeds and the unnerving up-coming merger of Bayer and Monsanto.

The below article written by our friend Zia parker is full of information on how you can create and organize your own Mandala

SEED MANDALA ACTIONS–how you can help defend seed freedom by joining this global action on October 22.

For “all that that eat” and live in Ecuador and on planet Earth. Do you eat? Do you live on Planet Earth? Please join in solidarity with the Human Family to 

unite in this Global Action by coordinating this peaceful action on October 22–making mandalas of seeds in your most public plaza. 

                                                                            Invite the press & publish widely on social media.

Currently there is a proposed law before the national congress of Ecuador that would disable the existing constitutional law which prohibits Genetically Modified Seed (GMOs). Ecuador inspired the world with its protection of nature’s rights and prohibition of GMO’s in it’s constitution in  2008. That makes it one of the most GMO-free countries in the world. Since much of the world has suffered contamination with Genetically Modified Seed, we are asking for help from our global family to protect the existing Ecuadorean ban on GMOs. Ecuador’s extraordinary biodiversity is a living seed bank!!! Saving the seed heritage in this small Andean country is very important in the unfolding of current global events. That fact, plus the impending Bayer-Monsanto merger has launched this issue into the global arena again.

    We are proposing that people everywhere get onboard and organize community events to make
Mandala Seed Art Actions everywhere–in small pueblos, large cities, nationally and globally
on October 22.

Please join in our peaceful global action to protect human rights to own, share and plant seeds, and to give a loud and clear message to governments and business around the globe– we believe that the Government and business do not need to control what nature already manages very well.

This new law, currently being considered by the EC national congress,  would make all seed illegal that is not “certified seed”. Under the guise of “protecting biodiversity” and “improving genetics”, this law would dismantle the GMO prohibition. The proposed law directly threatens the country’s extraordinary biodiversity, access to healthy food, and the health of its citizens, putting the best interest of the entire country in the hands of corporate powers.

In Ecuador, over 500 organizations are working in collaboration to this threat to our seed freedom. From their their inspiring platform:

    “Seed is a common good that belongs to humankind. It can not can be an object of appropriation on the part of private interests, nor on the part of the State. Similar to the air,
        the sun, or the smile of our children, our seeds belong equally to every human being on the planet, and not can be treated as a strategic resource from any nation or interest
        in particular. Access to seed is a basic human right, and includes the right to acquire, adapt, enhance, multiply, exchange, give away and sell the seeds. And it also extends
        by rational reasoning:  food sovereignty and the future of our species today depends on this right.
For more see:

We support of free exchange of natural and ancestral seed that has brought Ecuador and the Andes to a brilliant level of biodiversity and has served life very well over the centuries. “Certification of Seeds” speaks of control by transnational companies that will limit the basic human right to grow, own, exchange, 

give and receive seeds freely.

We are inviting people throughout Ecuador and all around the world to unite in offering performance/walks in PAZ/P.A.S. (Protection Ancestral Seeds). In every city and village in Ecuador, and around the world!,  we will create our mandalas of seeds in honor of our ancestral seeds, which are the base of life and our nourishment day to day, thus using our voices in response to this threat against our health and that of our future generations. Follow these steps, listed below.

English:                    Spanish:

Facebook: proteccion ancestral semillas


The Chakana is the central Andean symbol, like a mandala, a form of ancient sacred art which represents life.

The plan: this is our global plan. We need you – Yes, you who are reading this – to organize (or help to organize) this event in your area. We are the ones we have been waiting for! Simply call your friends and begin to organize this event wherever you are.


The time is short, only have until October 22 to make the voices of the people heard!

Save our ancestral seeds! We don’t need or want “certified” seed. Control of seed goes against nature and Pachamama!

Saturday, October 22, 2016, at 11 h 30 

Walk in gratitude for our ancestral seeds. We support creation in its natural perfection.

We act to protect the lives of our children and grandchildren.

How to make a SEED CHAKANA.

l. Coordinate the event, inviting the public and the press.*

2. Gather at a strategic point

(It could be the entrance of the city, a park, nature reserve, Church, communal house, etc).

3. Carry seeds, fruits, and banners with your message, while singing.

4. Walk to the plaza, central park, center of governance, etc.

5. At the central place, everyone puts their seeds/fruits/flowers/stones, etc. on the ground, a single chakana or mandala together.

6. A spiritual leader can bless or offer prayers for the seeds. Everyone can sing, meditate, or pray.

7. Take pictures, videos, etc. to spread the message in the widest way possible – engage the local/ national /international press. Post on Facebook pages (on your profile, pages of the National Assembly members and on our page, see below).

It is very important to hold the event in peace and love and gratitude. You can walk silently or sing the international seed song,

“Semilla Universo”:

For more information, see these sites:

Facebook: ancestral proteccion semillas

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