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February 18, 2017
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March 27, 2017

Four generations

After a month in the States I am on my way back to Ecuador. I hadn’t seen my children for over a year so this was a trip to catch up and enjoy family ties. For the last four days we had a  family reunion in Florida. Sometimes there is sadness that we work through. We missed Joan ( my late wife and mother to the children) who died in a car accident seventeen years ago. It still leaves a hole and she would have been so happy to be part of our gathering. Otherwise we are so lucky that everybody has good health and are doing well.  As we grow older we forget how raising babies and children is all consuming. Talk about living in the moment.  Spending time with my mother in law, children and four grandchildren was special.

Tomorrow I will be back in Vilcabamba and all the beauty of the mountains. I missed Susan, all our friends and our life on the farm.


  1. J T Janaki Lessard says:

    How wonderful that must have been for you.
    I visited Vilcabamba in 2010 for 6 weeks & loved it. I thought I would be able to return on a regular basis, but that was an unrealistic “pipe-dream.” Most of the people I knew while there are no longer there. My youngest daughter turned 10 in Ecuador, shortly after we arrived (I turned 58!) Now that she is 16 & will be a Senior in HS in Aug. I have been thinking about my future. I could see myself living as you do in Ecuador, yet I’m not sure I could leave my 3 daughters/4 grandchildren behind in Virginia. I have a son on the west coast who has 3 daughters & his son in NY who is in college. My parents are elderly & live in Fla. I just don’t know if I could venture to Ecuador on my own, nearing 70, leaving all of my family behind! Maybe I could plan a visit though!
    I love following your blogs though….living vicariously through your experiences, I suppose!

    • Walter says:

      Maybe you could come for a vacation. You could stay at Montesuenos and they can help with all your bookings. If you go on their website you will see that it is beautiful with great people. This way you could fulfill a dream. Susan just turned 75 which makes you young.



  2. Hi Walter

    So sorry to have missed you. Cheryl and I took a brief vacation to Ecuador to visit some friends and while in Vilcabamaba we heard that you were back in the states. Perhaps we can meet up next time. I would love to see your place and hear about the work that you are doing.

    Jim Barausky

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