Milking our cow
October 12, 2016
Planting before the Full Moon
October 19, 2016

I was wrong about our new cow

Our second cow had her calf today. It’s a heifer and we will start milking her mother on Monday. For biodynamic farmers, cows are much more then a source of milk.



For example, today we went into the pastures and we collected five wheelbarrow loads of cow manure.  We mixed this in with some old pasture grass that had over matured to make a compost pile. I will add the Biodynamic compost preparations and in about three months this compost pile will become fertile humus, full of vitality which can be added to the garden.

Making compost, especially in the realm of human emotions, is a mystery to me.  When the indigenous  spiritual leaders (the “mamos”) of the Four Nations of La Sierra Nevada in Columbia (“the Kogi”) came to our farm, they had us go through an exercise.  We had to create an imagination or bring up all our thoughts about power, strength, fighting and military might.  We had to bring up our own personal problems about fighting and also military might such as war planes and battle ships.

All this we had to then give to Mother Earth to compost.  For the Earth, our negative thoughts are like material for a compost pile that will become nourishment for the future development of humanity.

If I can understand Rudolf Steiner rightly, he says something similar about human thinking.  Our thoughts are taken up by the spiritual hierarchies and made living. Our thought is dead thinking in that it does not create.  Whereas when the spiritual hierarchies think they create, as in the logos or creation of  worlds.

The hierarchies send these living, creating, weaving transformative thoughts back to the earth through the light of the stars and sun. These thoughts bring nourishment and new impulses to human development.


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