Surprise mushroom in our garden
November 8, 2016
Orbs over the river
January 18, 2017

Life gets easier

When we bought our farm in 2008 we had to park our car on the neighbors property and walk the last 100 yards.  We even had to wade across the stream and carry everything in with our burro.


Susan thought I was crazy but went along with it. We did build a bridge for her which made the farm a bit more acceptable. Building our house was really hard without access.  We had to carry all the gravel and cement and other building materials  with the help of our burro.

The road crew with the front end loader used to make the road


Then our neighbor gave us the right of way to cut a path to the stream. Now we can drive all the way to our house.

The other great improvement was installing an internet tower on our mountain.  We can communicate with the whole world.

The tower and view down the river and surrounding mountains



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  1. Alaura says:

    What fortitude! Could you please resend the ad for the Bag House.

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