Creating a seed mandala
October 3, 2016
I was wrong about our new cow
October 14, 2016

Milking our cow

Nearly every morning, I get to milk our cow. After six months, she is still giving us about three quarters of a gallon.  Amazing.


In the evening, we separate the cow and calf.  We get the morning milk and the calf gets to drink to her heart’s content all day. When I milked in the States, a cow had to give at least four gallons a day for her to pay her way.  Usually I milk her at 8.30 in the mornings and weekends when I am in Vilcabamba we just don’t separate them and therefore there is no need to milk her.  To sum up, this Ecuador experience is much nicer!

Our second cow is bagging up nicely and should calve within the month.  I think we will then make lots of cheese.

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