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November 16, 2016
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January 26, 2017

Orbs over the river

There is so much to learn about living simply on a rather isolated farm.  Our first student of the year is learning that.

I love this photo of our farm. It shows the rugged beauty of our valley Off course now that it is raining everything is green.

This year our rainy season is so very strong that, for the first time, we discovered that we need more solar panels to keep the batteries charged on a cloudy rainy day.  It has taken until eleven to get our electric back so we have no internet or Skype calls, our refrigerator warms up and a bunch of other small nuisances occur.  On Friday we will get four new solar panels which will double our recharging capacity.

When it rains hard  in the night, we also have to worry about our road.  Sometimes we have to wait a few hours for the sun to dry off the surface.  I have to admit I am pretty good at gunning our four-wheel drive car up the first hill.  Some folks get freaked out, especially if it is their introduction to Finca Sagrada.

We have a primitive water system. It is gravity-fed out of a small stream that comes straight down the mountains.  When it rains hard, the water can get muddy and silt up our entry canal or bring down a lot of leaves that can block our filter. The little stream can even move three-foot boulders when it gets going. Often it happens at night and we wake up to no water to flush the toilets or to do dishes.  Usually it takes about half an hour to walk uphill and fix but if it is still rainy one can get awfully wet.

This is our stream from which we get our water


These are just some of the things Brenda our student had to come to grips with. However she also appreciated the beauty and power of our valley.

Here is a description of her walk down by the river and the beautiful forms her camera caught.

“It was my first day alone on the farm and I could hardly wait to go for a walk.  The preceding week had been good, I’d had a session with Susan about my Destiny Path and a lesson on biodynamic farming with Walter, but what I really wanted was a chance to connect with this land. And here it was, one-on-one, just me and this amazing place they call Finca Sagrada – Sacred Land Farm.

I started at the pasture just south of the house, went past the guardian cacti and on to the sacred Ceibo tree near the river. The cattle were curious and followed me but the babies got too close and the lead cow bellowed at them to back off. They did but moments later were back again. We are all gentle creatures so whatever they did was fine.

Once at the tree, I sat down on a rock and meditated. I’m looking for my heart’s home and was open to the messages this land had for me. What I got was, while I am a welcome guest, this land is not the place I’m looking for. It was very clear, and I am grateful. I built a rock pile in homage and continued on to the river.

I went through the gate and down a semi-steep embankment, headed south again over rocks and sand. I slipped a bit and almost allowed the rocks to stop me. After a moment I carried on and didn’t have any more issues navigating the rocks. I came to a sandy place and chose a rock to sit on that is jutting out into the river. I wanted both feet in the water even though I wasn’t going to take my rubber boots off.  There are biting insects here and most of them you can’t even see. I’ll keep my boots on, thanks. And inside them my pants are tucked into my socks. Quite a fashion statement.

Naturally I had brought my camera and was gazing around, looking for something special to get a photo of. Rushing water, lots of rocks, and across the river is a steep hill covered in interesting-looking plants. So I snapped a few shots, meditated and snapped a few more.

I was there for awhile and it was wonderful. When I continued on, I went all around the outside parameter, past the sacred masculine site where the indigenous men had worshipped many years before. I found a rock near a tree and meditated again, then got a couple  more shots and then carried on forward. Up the slope and around through the sacred forest and on I went. This is the fenced field they keep building-free to honor the nature spirits.  I went past the greenhouse and gardens, through the food forest and then I was back at the house.

It was a wonderful walk, and I wanted to get the photos into my computer sooner rather than later. As I was looking them over after uploading, I got the surprise of my life.

Sacred land indeed!

Check out the photo I took of the opposite bank while sitting with my feet in the river.”

Thus Brenda ended her story!

Possibly some of you are are familiar with orbs.  We do not see them with our eyes but the photo image does.  They are spiritual entities. The photo she took includes two orbs and the beautiful purple image.


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