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October 14, 2016
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October 27, 2016

Planting before the Full Moon

We always try to plant as much as possible in the days leading up to the full moon.  This is when the forces of germination are strongest and the seeds just seem to pop out of the ground in record time.

When we prepare the ground for planting seeds there is much more involved then just making a good seed bed.

Stirring one of the Biodynamic preps for one hour, creating vortexes.


We have been using Biodynamic practices for many years.  Part of this is to open the soil to the cosmic formative forces that surround the Earth.  We want the soil to be so alive, so sentient that it wants to become a plant.

We use the Biodynamic preparation called horn manure preparation to help with this. It is made from cow dung, which is then placed in the earth over the winter. When we dig this up in the Spring, it is totally transformed and has the power to help with germination and root and plant growth. We spray this on the earth in the late afternoon just before planting

Ishmael, our youngest community member spreading ash.




During the twenty-eight day cycle of the moon, she passes in front of the twelve constellations of the zodiac.  Each of the constellation is connected to one of the elements…earth, water, air or fire.  Likewise, the different parts of the plant…roots, leaves, flower and seed…are connected to the elements.  So for example, if one wants a high quality lettuce full of life force, one would plant in a leaf or water constellation period.


A few weeks ago, a young couple from Chile and Uruguay joined us. Their passion is “homa farming,” which comes out of Vedic times (before recorded history) and works with the forces of the sun. In the photo here, you can see Katherine preparing ash from dry cow dung. Gee (clarified butter) is added to the ash as she repeats a mantra from Vedic times. The ash is then added to the soil.

Food grown in this way is full of life force that is then available to give people the will power to follow through on our thoughts.

Preparing a bed for the seeds


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