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November 5, 2016
Surprise mushroom in our garden
November 8, 2016

Remodeling our Earth Bag House

We finally finished remodeling and landscaping our earth bag house. We gave it a big greenhouse type roof so that we could keep the yoga platform.  We also built a nice outdoor kitchen area with a lean-to roof and added a shower and bathroom.


We are hoping to rent this space out to somebody who needs a retreat space, a place where they can connect with nature and be in a healing environment. The area is very quiet, surrounded by trees and running water and has sufficient space for gardens if they so wish.

Our small community could also offer much support.  We are a farm community so we could share our Biodynamic food that we grow.   Kathy, one of our community  members, is a Yoga teacher and massage therapist. We also perform Agni-hotra ceremonies daily, which is an established healing practice that works with the forces of the sun.

Whoever rents could live a very secluded life or could share some meals with the community.  For example, the rest of us always share lunches. Our farm is a fifty-minute drive west from Vilcabamba in a beautiful sacred valley with pastures, an orchard, woods, a stream and river and numerous gardens including a sculptured Inca Garden

We are asking $300 per month which can include the use of our internet and any food that is available from the farm.

For more information please email Walter at [email protected]

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