Planting before the Full Moon
October 19, 2016
Biodynamic Student Program and Finding Your Destiny Path
November 5, 2016

Sharing our new community.

Recently we have been blessed with four new people joining us on the land. As we all have ponchos we decided to get coordinated



Declan returned from England (with the long red hair) and is on an intense path of relating to nature and his own path, all raped up in living in the moment. This might sound strange but his presence is full of positivity and he is nice to have around.

Nicolas and Kathy are from Uruguay and Chile. Their three year old son Ishmael is full of light and laughter Their English is about as good as our Spanish but we communicate well. Nicolas’s passion is Homa farming and Kathy has taken on the greenhouse and helps in the gardens. She too participates in the homa farming practices and between the two of them they find time for Ishmael.

Many of our meals are shared between us and it is probably good for Susan and I to be part of so much intergenerational energy. The neat thing is that we are all on our own spiritual paths. It is the care of the land that holds us together on a common vision.


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