Four generations
March 2, 2017
Biodynamic and life path learning experience
May 1, 2017

Student program

Two weeks ago, we started our four-week student program. We want to keep it small and we have six students enrolled…just the right amount for our community centre and work program.

Susan and I are really enjoying sharing our lives with these young folks.  For them, living in community, sharing their life destiny path with Susan and learning about living close to the land and growing our own food has been intense but I hope fulfilling.

One problem has been the rainy season.  This year we are having lots of rain and the road has become impassable. We now have to carry in all our food and supplies from Tumianuma which is a forty-five minute hike.  Luckily do have our two burros to help with the heavy things…and sometimes Susan gets a ride on Pluto.

Our car stuck on the wrong side of the stream.  There was a two foot drop off


Our old bridge was washed away. Here we are constructing a temporary bridge.  We lashed four bamboo poles together and placed our ladder and two planks on top of the poles. We then helped Susan across the raging water that was just six inches below the bridge.  Not many women of Susan’s age and background would put up with such nonsense.

We do have a new course starting April 24th.  We only charge $490 for the four-week course and our current students are finding it fulfilling. If you are looking for the unexpected please get in touch or go to


  1. Joshua Olson says:

    I am very interested in helping alongside you in your endeavors and learning a thing or two about sustainable living/agriculture.

    • Walter says:

      Hi Joshua,
      I am not giving the student program at this time but we do take in volunteers. Over time you would learn just about as much but at a more leisurely pace. If you are interested in learning more please write me at [email protected]



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