Susan’s Story About Walter

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April 29, 2014
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June 3, 2014

Susan’s Story About Walter

Susan’s Story About Walter

When Walter told me he wanted us to buy Sacred Land Farm 5 years ago, there were no buildings, the pastures were terribly overgrown, the paths were too rough for me to negotiate at 67, the 30-minute access road was so narrow that the drop-off of 500 feet was immediately under my rider’s door and there was no bridge over the sometimes-raging stream.  My response to his idea of buying it was to stutter in shock…“I know you’re kidding, right?”

Now it is five years later and, in one year, we have developed the capacity to sleep 27 people in good adobe cabins and large tents.  With God’s perfect timing, this Saturday members of The Fountain will gather to manifest our first farm workshop for 8 days.   They come from all over the world, including 6 members of the Kogi of La Sierra Nevada of Columbia, who now share their remarkable visions to restore Earth.

The very special mission of this KINS network, The Fountain, is:    “We are restoring a global economy of reciprocity, inspired by Nature and the Sacred.”    Its founder is Jyoti Prevatt, the visionary woman who birthed the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers… and The Fountain is only the second global KINS.  I am feeling deep joy.

The living room set up for a meeting


Another view of our living room DSC_0004 2

Now I pause to honor what Walter’s vision of 5 years ago has manifested.   Our Ecuadorian partner, Cristian Ojeda, has manifested an Inca garden of vegetables, flowers, waterfalls, streamlets, a large outdoor shower, an outdoor kitchen, a fish pond and unbelievable stone work, thus it’s name.   He has fenced the pastures for our 9 goats, 3 cows, 3 burros and awesome bees, not to mention caring for almost an acre of additional gardens, the green house, fruit orchards and more, with help from Walter and Leisha.  Most important of all, he has taught us local practices, translated whenever our Spanish was inadequate and helped us integrate into our surrounding community.

DSC_0003 2

Our Canadian partner, Leisha Naja, has manifested the Magical Forest in two years, featuring fruit, vegetable, flower, cooking herb and medicinal herb gardens, flowing streamlets everywhere, waterfalls, a labyrinth, a sweat lodge, a fire pit, a hot shower, a composting toilet, tents, tree houses, a fish pond, internet access and an outdoor kitchen with living and dining rooms attached, not to mention innumerable sculptures integrated into the whole.   She also created a Peace Garden featuring large statues honoring the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Our Porch where we ate our lunches


One of the bedrooms


DSC_0008 2

Meanwhile I have been completely supported to take the last two years on the farm to design how to gift my KINS Innovation Networks to the world, for people to do what they love to do and do well to manifest their life missions in service to the people of the world.   When I need to be away in the U.S. for months, things continue without a hitch and I’m warmly welcomed back to the farm as a duck settles back into water.


How is it that our intentional community has achieved such powerful measurable results for two years, overcoming with little stress the breakdowns that have ended other such communities?


Could it be the beliefs of Rudolf Steiner that so inspired my beloved husband Walter?   Steiner teaches that flattering yourself for your achievements depletes your soul.   So rather than taking credit for any of the above inspiring results, Walter gives the credit to the three of us.   Yet you would find his hand in almost all of it, whether in the imagining, the designing or the executing.


Walter holds the space for each of us to express our life purposes in the highest degree, as we collaborate and co-create with increasing joy and laughter.   Meanwhile, in almost everything that happens on the farm, you’ll find Walter’s hand…or softly made suggestion…or creative addition…or thought-provoking point of view…or study group meeting.   He is the one who designed our home and community center to host KINS meetings of 30, who insured that biodynamic preps are sprayed regularly on the grateful earth, who steps into any type of problem with a workable suggestion and who facilitated a breakthrough out of our biggest breakdown.   He also manages the budget and funding, a daunting task indeed.

So, as we welcome our beloved members of The Fountain, it is time to honor Walter.

Martine Luther King famously said that the only thing that really matters is to show up.

That’s Walter.

Sweetheart, I love you to the end of our lives and, after that, forever.



  1. Janaki says:

    What a wonderful testament to all of you & what you have collectively manifested! The future is beckoning with a huge smile…I can feel it! I would love to come & be a part of your community & may, one day. I have worried about my age, by the time that can happen, but you have inspired me! I am 61 with a 13 yr old (who is a typical American teen & would not be open to moving to paradise….!) I have aging parents in another state, two daughters & 4 grandchildren here (I babysit my 3 yr old grandson every Tues.) an elderly friend who I assist 4 mornings a week & more…..I definitely don’t feel free to live my life as I’d like….but this is what my choices have manifested, to date…I trust that if I am meant to be a part of any community, such as yours, it will happen when it is meant to happen. In the meantime, I learn, I grow & I am inspired by people like you, holding such wonderful energies for all of us! I was in Vilcabamba in 2010 with my daughter. We stayed at Montesuenos for 2 of our 6 weeks & had the blessing of meeting & spending a little time with Dr O’Leary & Meredith. I met many other wonderful people too. I hope to visit again one day…hopefully sooner than later! Blessings~~

  2. says:

    Dear Susan, My Amazing Sister,
    What a beautiful testimony to the love you and Walter hold for each other. On this birthday of our younger daughter, today, It is so inspiring to read of all you both have accomplished, (I love to tell all my friends how you (and most of my other “mature” women friends) found the love of your life at 61! Just ignore all those silly magazine articles about the dearth of romance after 40, that are created just to sell newspapers and magazines). I’m so happy to see the lovely space you have created to receive your visitors from so many regions across the globe. I hope I will be able to visit sometime soon, but you know that depends on the heath of our very-ill daughter-in-law in Boise.
    X O X O, JW

  3. Lynn Chittick says:

    so beautiful the vision, so sweet the execution of this project, and may the light upon the earth return abundantly- thanks Walter and Susan, I hope to come and visit! Mama Lynn

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