A snake eats our puppy for breakfast
August 26, 2016
Valley After Sunset
August 31, 2016

The Good and Bad of “Progress.”


Although we are a bit isolated, we do have good internet. Especially for Susan, who still works world-wide developing her KINS networks, the internet is indispensable.  For me, I need internet to let people know about our student program.  More important for us both, we treasure being able to  talk to our four children and five soon-to-be-six grandchildren.

View from the internet tower.  It takes me one and a half hours just to walk up there

DSC_0101 (1)

We needed two burros and a crew to carry the cement, gravel water and equipment.  The guys took turns carrying the 90 pound battery


The tower is up and we are ready to leave.  The sky was incredibly blue.


Ivan. our internet provider has been great. Obviously just setting up a tower for us in such a remote valley was not economically feasible.  So we shared the cost of about $2,500 for the equipment and tower, including a solar panel and battery.

A big additional benefit is that he placed our tower so that it can serve Tumianuma, our partner’s village.  Tumianuma has no cell phone service so many houses now have internet and Skype. While this is exciting, it does have some negative effects.  Many kids now spend time on Facebook etc. and it has broken up family life to some extent. On the positive side, the school has computers, gives homework assignments on the internet and the world is open to children living very remotely.

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