Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Our inspiration is the indigenous saying of the Americas that “neither the people of the North nor the South will thrive until the Condor and the Eagle fly as one.”

Finca Sagrada is a community birthed in gratitude where people can reconnect to the sacredness of the Earth and our own being…
…where the Earth has rights equal to human beings…
….where we steward Earth and each other
…over a self-sustaining sacred community.

Description of Finca Sagrada

Finca Sagrada is located in the southern mountains of Ecuador, close to the globally well-known Vilcabamba. Being close to the Equator yet in the mountains, we experience spring-like weather all year long. Our Biodynamic farm consists of a five hundred hectare mountain and about four hectares (ten acres) of lush irrigated pastures, fruit forests and flower and vegetable gardens.

We farm Biodynamically and use permaculture principles. We are very diversified, with cows, goats, burros, chickens, fish and bees. We have a food forest with bananas, mandarins, avocados and coffee. On the ground we grow traditional crops such as yucca, camote and white carrots plus a variety of vegetables from the Northern hemisphere. We also have a green house and flower gardens. Our aim is to be self- sufficient and sometimes we get pretty close.

Susan Davis and Walter Moora bought the land in 2009

Now we are a community of several families, plus partners from around the world.

Susan has organized small innovation networks in solar, organics, social investing, women’s economic empowerment, socially-responsible business, microenterprise, life purpose and local living economies over a 35 year period.  She teaches groups how to go into their higher selves to create innovations good for all.  She also coaches individuals on how to trust their intuition to take risks around their values to find their destiny path of joy.

Susan’s company, www.CapitalMissions.com, has recently gifted Green America (GreenAmerica.org) with the sustainability innovation method it developed over 23 years.   See http://KINSinnovation.org for those stories and information.   Susan’s book, The Trojan Horse of Love, tells her personal story of finding her life’s purpose while also telling the story of her 20 KINS Innovation Networks.

Walter was born in the jungles of Borneo in 1949 of Dutch parents. As a youth, his family lived in Malaysia and England and finally, when he was 9, in New Zealand. By the end of high school, he knew he wanted to be a farmer and began his life’s path. Walter soon realized that conventional farming fought nature instead of working with her so he left New Zealand in 1972 to learn biodynamic farming, which works intimately with nature.  For the last thirty-five years, he has lived in the U.S., working on Camphill community farms or his own farms.

In 2001, he met and married Susan Davis and they have been weaving their work together ever since.  In 2007, they began living in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, for a substantial part of the year. Here Walter wrote his book A Farmer’s Love,( available at Amazon) and he and Susan started giving workshops on their beautiful farm in the mountains of Ecuador. To learn more about Walter you can read his book, “A Farmer’s Love” http://www.amazon.com/Farmers-Love-Biodynamics-Meaning-Community/dp/0983198411

Cristian Ojeda joined the farm in 2003. and does much of the farm work. He was born in Tumianuma-Vilcabamba and spent his childhood in the valley of Tumianuma.  At fourteen he began to extensively travel the country of his birth.  At twenty four he embarked upon an opportunity to travel to Ireland to a Camphil community in Glencraig where he apprenticed working on the land.  Upon his return, he realized that he loves his home country and land with pure water and air.  Cristian is dedicated to learning and teaching the cultural ways of his family who have survived and live healthy and happy.  He loves his land dearly.  Cristian is also embarking upon offering an eco-tourism offering guiding people to the treasures of the lands of Ecuador.

We have been told by several indigenous groups like the Kogi (the Four Nations of La Sierra Madre of Columbia) that this valley is a sacred energy point of Earth. To understand this deeply and receive guidance, we work with the local indigenous tribe, the Palta and also the Kogi We honor the land by practicing ceremonies such as Agnihotra, trying to work with the elemental beings and following the practices of Biodynamics.

We have an intern program that we hope shows how we can live in harmony with nature while growing our food. We often have four or five interns and part of our experience is to live in community with all ages.

What The Land Is Saying To Us

We are holding the space for an inspirational community to materialize and exemplify consciousness that can sustain this land and our sacred valley. We would love for more individuals or families to join us on a longer-term basis. .

Recently the land spoke to our intuitive French partner Martine Sweeney and said “tell people to come here intending to give and they will receive everything that they need.”

Opportunity to use the KINS Operating Principles

Apprentices and partners invited into Finca Sagrada are those who find, over time, that they enjoy using the time-tested and spirit-based “KINS Operating Principles.”

  • Our strategy is generosity
  • A deal is a good deal when it is good for all concerned.
  • We each do what we love to do and do well and little else.
  • We sit at the table of unknowing about manifesting conscious sustainability on Finca Sagrada and we invite Spirit to co-create with us for the highest good of all concerned.
  • When we feel triggered, we go within and ask what within us is asking to be healed. We manifest whatever help we need to do the inner work to come back to our community with our story of our transformed relationships with ourselves and others.
  • We take responsibility for healthy relations and communications with community members.