Living in Harmony with the Nature Spirits

Finca Sagrada, Vilcabamba. Ecuador – Sunday, February 16th through the 22nd, 2020  

This workshop is for people who long to deepen their relationship to nature and the invisible beings that make this world possible.

The workshop will be led by Walter Moora, a life-long Biodynamic farmer, author and spiritual healer of the land, who has farmed biodynamically on four continents for more than forty years. His co-leader is Susan Davis Moora, innovator of KINS Innovation Networks (, who helps people manifest their life missions collaboratively with others.

Their Sacred Land Farm is nestled in an isolated valley in the mountains of Southern Ecuador. The valley is an ancient sacred site and the farm includes a “House of Original Thought” built under the guidance of the indigenous Kogi “mammos” of upper Columbia. The House deeply enhances visitors’ connection to the sacred in nature.

Spirit House - Finca Sagrada
The House of House Thoughts

Here the owners, Walter and Susan have been practicing Biodynamic farming, working with the nature spirits, building their relationships with indigenous groups and welcoming people from around the world from various KINS Innovation Networks.

Discover Finca Sagrada in a few minutes:

Walter has been a Biodynamic farmer on four continents for more than forty years. Part of his passion has been to honor and work with the unseen beings that make the natural world possible. He is the author of A Farmer’s Love, available on Amazon.

In this workshop, he will share his knowledge and experience in working with the unseen world, helping participants enter this world by sharing ideas and exercises he has developed and practiced over many years. 

Susan has spent her life successfully developing 40 innovation networks, attracting people who share the same life missions and who wish to manifest them collaboratively. This method is called KINS Innovation Networks and is offered free at She is currently helping the United Nations manifest a KINS with this mission: We are developing globally conscious economies that are good for all Life! Susan will lead a KINS-based program to help attendees discern and manifest your life destiny paths, helping each other.

Walter & Susan Moora
Walter & Susan Davis Moora

During the workshop participants can expect to learn and experience:

  • Deepening your connection to nature by working with the soil and growing plants.
  • Basic principles of Biodynamic farming/sacred agriculture.
  • Plant observation based on heartfelt thinking.
  • Meditative exercises to help connect to Earth and nature spirits.
  • Working directly with the plant devas, animal group souls and nature spirits.
  • How to discern and manifest your life destiny paths
  • Many of the ideas presented arise out of the inspirations of Rudolf Steiner 

Typical day’s program

  • Sunrise – Agni-Hotra ceremony in the House of Original Thought for those interested
  • 7.30: Breakfast 
  • 8.30: Circle meditation
  • 9.00: Work in the gardens (optional)
  • 11.00: Meditation exercise
  • 12.30: Lunch
  • 2.30: Lecture
  • 4.00: Free time for study, walks, private meditation and private consultations on your life destiny paths
  • 6.30: Dinner
  • 7.30: Reflections on the day and getting to know each other through sharing life destiny path stories
  • 9.00: Quiet drumming and meditation in the House of Original Thought for those so inspired

The workshop costs $900 and includes housing, meals and all programs and special experiences.

For more information, please go to or write Walter Moora at [email protected] or [email protected].


All our daytime activities take place in our inspiring community center that has solar electricity and WIFI but no cell phone reception.

Some people will be able to sleep in the community center and others will be sleeping in more rustic conditions. We have walk-in tents on platforms and adobe cabins (all without electricity). We do have excellent beds, bedding, towels and pillows etc. We also use composting toilets. 

For many visitors, being in a natural setting enhances their experience of being close to nature. We do like to explain the situation so that there are no surprises.

We suggest that you look at our website and, in particular, take our twelve-minute video tour of our farm.

Practical Details

Finca Sagrada is situated in an isolated valley. February is the rainy season and there is a possibility that the road might be closed to cars. In that case, there is a truly beautiful thirty-minute walk across our valley to the farm. Heavy bags can be carried by our donkeys. For this reason we ask that only people who are capable of a thirty-minute walk register.


We recommend that people fly into Quito. Most flights arrive in Quito in the evenings and you can then take an early morning flight to Loja on Tame Airlines.

From Loja airport, you take a one-hour taxi ride to Vilcabamba. We recommend that you spend a day or two in Vilcabamba to rest up and slow down. Vilcabamba is famous globally for its uniquely healthy environment and for attracting inspirational leaders of all kinds from all over the world.

The farm is another fifty-minute car ride outside Vilcabamba through truly beautiful mountains.

We will be able to help coordinate your travels once you get to Quito. We can recommend hostels and coordinating taxi rides.

If you prefer to go by bus from Quito to see the scenery, it takes about twelve hours. In this case you could in stead fly into Guayaquil and the bus ride is only ten hours.

To start the conference, we suggest that we gather for lunch at Mestizos restaurant at 12 noon Sunday the 16th. When ready, about 1:30 pm, we will take taxis out to the farm and the conference will start.

Things to bring

There is not that much you need to bring, but be sure to bring long-sleeved shirts and long pants to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

It will be the rainy season but during the day it is usually dry.

  • Rain coat or jacket.
  • Waterproof type boots
  • Flash light
  • We recommend wearing pants and long sleeves in the evenings. The bugs are not bad but we do have sand flies that are nearly invisible and love to bite.

We have WIFI, what’s app and solar, but no cell phone reception. We ask participants to keep use of cell phones and computers to a minimum when possible.


Registration is limited to ten people to give everyone very personalized attention.

If it has been raining a lot here, there is a possibility that you will need to walk thirty minutes along a fairly flat and beautiful mountain path. If this is a problem, please talk to Walter first.

Please send the following information to Walter at [email protected]

  • Name
  • Age 
  • Gender. Both these questions help with housing assignments and how to arrange the day.
  • A short description about why you choose this workshop.
  • Are you interested in light gardening in the morning for about one and a half hours? This will help with connecting with nature through the will. 
  • Diet preferences

To reserve your place, please send a $200 check to Georgia Stuart, 609N Lincoln Street, Elkhorn. Wisconsin 53121 giving your full name, address, phone and email.

The balance of $700 is due January 5th.

Volunteering possibilities

Some people might want to come earlier or stay longer. We do have a volunteer program in which we ask volunteers to work five hours per day. This usually involves three and a half hours of gardening and also includes things like taking turns cooking for the community. In return, we provide free room and board.

Read more about our volunteer program.

Our volunteers with Walter and José Calva last March 2019

What past participants say about our workshops

“I came to Vilcabamba to do Walter´s biodynamic workshop with the intention to gain a better understanding of biodynamic farming and earth spirituality, and I left with so much more; it was more than I could have ever imagined! The workshop was a comprehensive blend of experiential learning and group lecture, sprinkled with meditations, yoga classes, and various discussions ranging from homeopathy to mind consciousness. The land itself is truly magical, and so were the people I met! The workshop was definitely a turning point in my life, and I am forever grateful to have been a part of such an enlivening and enriching experience.”

“I highly recommend Walter Moora’s course on Biodynamics. The course offers a holistic blend of the fundamentals of Biodynamics, combined with hands-on training on the farm, Earth meditations and an introduction to permaculture. Additional lessons are provided in manifesting your destiny path and creating your desired reality in life. Each class is uniquely designed to meet you where you are at, while inviting you into a deeper connection with the Earth and the spiritual nature of stewarding the land.

The setting where the course is held is incredibly beautiful. Nestled in a valley amidst the majestic Andes, Finca Sagrada has special energy. The people on the land are wonderful, and the food they produce is healthy and delicious! I couldn’t be more pleased with the knowledge that I gained in the Biodynamic course and experience I had at Finca Sagrada. It has already made a profound impact on my life.”

“Life on a lush, Biodynamic, organic, Ecuadorian farm, is as much about cultivating community and a sense of unity, as it is growing fruits and vegetables. From sharing a dorm-like tree house, to working the nutrient rich soil, the bond of friendship and connectivity with our planet finds roots that reach deeply. Walter’s Biodynamic workshop is a lesson in the beautiful role we human beings must play in stewarding the earth, and one another. Throughout the workshop, Walter created the time and space for me to explore the unique and meaningful ways in which I can make lasting contributions. I strolled through lush, green paths full of ripe passion fruits, while butterflies of all colors danced about. Being surrounded by the richness of life and the gorgeous environment, I found myself grounding and inspired: I both loved being on the farm and for what I learned; I have found so much joy sharing this knowledge with others.

Walter and the other co-teaching, demonstrated what can be accomplished with teamwork. He guided discussions and brought in incredible expert speakers. The thoughtfulness and care put into each activity drew the participants and I into close life-long friendships. The Biodynamic workshop establishes the importance and simplicity of organic sustainable farming, and the joy in the teamwork it takes to create a successful endeavor. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity of this experience; and for the wonderful students taking the workshop who are now dear friends of mine.”